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my merman!pitch making some nightmare bubbles

i’m really loving the bioluminescence thing. it might make it into the final design

this is just a really messy painting because im having a tiny artblock and i needed to do a little venting art

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Rotg bookmarks for my table at Tekko :) <3

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The fandom wouldn’t be what it is without everyone: the big blogs that post 100 posts a day, to the small, more quiet but just as equally passionate blogs.
This isn’t a popularity contest. All of you are important and we wouldn’t have the fun we have without all of you.

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Happy Munday guys!


Guardians Picspam: Katherine

who grows to be fiercely kind in the forest

who knows all stories are truths

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Appreciation post for all the OCs that write like gods but get no recognition due to stupid misconceptions about all OCs being dumb and lame;


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I absolutely adore this one picture from the RoTG concept art book so I tried to paint it. I can’t feel my wrist anymore but I love the way it turned out ;w; Top image is mine, and the bottom is the concept art. 

Sandy’s Ship flies like a dream I imagine

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//Another one of my Pitch’s more monstrous forms.  I had fun with this one~