Pitch coming into a child’s room and encountering a dreamcatcher.

Pitch getting caught in said dreamcatcher.

Pitch tangled up and muffled screaming.

Pitch finally resigning himself to his fate.

charchargr Asked:
Hey Pitch Black if you could do one thing no matter how impossible it is what would you do?

"First let’s replace thing with person.”


"And then replace person with Scarlett Johansson."


((these are some of the pictures I sketched for Christmas. I am planning on doing a group picture, but yeah that will come later and will have the characters from the books.

Sooo, Merry Christmas, I guess?))

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Ignore the lazyness plz

SO I KINDA DREW one of my biggest nightmares. The second my feet are uncovered when I’m in bed it feels like someone will grab them and murder me or something. Everything else is fine, but feet. No. Nonononononono

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I really love to get to know the mun as well as the muse. It’s always fun to chat about our threads and just talk.

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Welcome to The Warren! (x)

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"He tugged the locket away from Katherine, and for an instant she felt his hand against hers. His touch was not of a creature of fear. It was the touch of a father who had lost his child. Pitch let out a long and haunted scream that came from the depths of whatever sort of a soul he still had. He looked at the picture for one more moment, then faded, vanishing completely away."

I still didn’t bought this book of the saga but I wanted to do a quick sketch, spoilers for the books, I don’t think for the movie since I didn’t saw Mother Goose in the trailers. Probably I FAILED AT EVERYTHING HERE…

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5-min Pitch.

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Independent RP Blog for preteen Sophie Bennett

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OC and Crossover friendly. 

Sweet and talented artist with a great sense of balance between humor and the darker side of life.

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