Hi, NDU fandom! We’re coming up on our first anniversary, so here’s so anticipatory bad-iPhone sketches for you.
Get in the mood, get on the tablets and sketch pads and word-processing programmes~!


Kissing cousins~ the unlikely ship that stuck like Piki’s goo robe.  I love these boys too much.  ;3; 


For Peachsweater, upon request. <33 This AU is amazingly fun to draw, your character designs blow me away ^_^ 

Also, good question, Piki.  This is why you shouldn’t drink strange draughts from traveling mystics.


quick blackice speedpaint~ the snow was bothering me so I fixed that….




No matter what direction Pitch is looking at you, you still look lame to him.~ 



Kozmotis Pitchiner - 420 x 560 mm

It’s finished… after months, uff… and I couldn’t find a copy shop which was able to scan this work, so I just could make some photos and my cam is not the best. 


Ever since I saw the movie, I always look at the shadows, my closet, and shadows more. I guess I just want to meet Pitch.


Ehehehe.  I just read that fic too, these lovely dorks.  Pitch, “awkwardly angry” is not how we romance… ( Mira’s fic “Once Upon a Bar" )

Peachsweater’s request is up next after I finish this other Proki picture…